Showing the Wounds

1 John 3:1-7; Luke 24:36b-48

Sermon Showing the Wounds

Good morning! I want to begin by thanking my good friend Julie Thompson-Barrier for covering the pulpit last Sunday. I really enjoyed her sermon, especially the part about the icebreaker. In case you missed it, Pastor Julie said that when she was a youth minister, she had to do a lot of icebreakers, you know, silly games to get kids to open up and start conversations with one another.

Julie said that the best icebreaker she ever came up with was to ask the kids to show their scars—as long as it was socially appropriate. And the kids always ran with it; it always worked as a conversation starter. Everyone had a story to tell about some childhood incident or accident.

That story really resonated with me! I’ve had a lot of fun showing people the scars from my surgeries last summer. Maybe a little too much fun.

When I had my stents placed, the vascular surgeon was able to go in through my wrist; the scars are just barely visible. Of course, for a lot of people who have had stents, the procedure was done through the femoral artery; the incision is in the groin. But my scar is on my wrist, which I can show in any gathering.

I enjoy showing this scar because it tells a story. Part of that story is that the experience wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be. I was frightened by the mere thought of surgery, but the reality of the operation and the recovery was much different and much easier than I had anticipated. The scars, and the inci