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Presbyterians are distinctive in two major ways: they adhere to a pattern of religious thought known as Reformed theology and a form of government that stresses the active, representational leadership of both ministers and church members.


In its confessions, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) expressed the faith of the Reformed tradition. Central to this tradition is the affirmation of the majesty, holiness, and providence of God who creates, sustains, rules, and redeems the world in the freedom of sovereign righteousness and love. Related to this central affirmation of God's sovereignty are other great themes of the Reformed tradition:


- The election of the people of God for service as well as for salvation.

- Covenant life marked by a disciplined concern for order in the church

  according to the World of God.

- A faithful stweardship that shuns ostentation and seeks proper use of the gifts of God's creation.

- The recognition of the human tendency to idolatry and tyranny, which calls the people of God to work for the transformation of society by seeking justice and living in obedience to the Word of God (Book of Order, G-2.0500).

our Staff:
Reverend Alan Olson


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Larry Moran


Yvonne Lindner 


Tammy Ciok


Sandra Whitehill

Mission Chair

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John Cavicchio

Director of Music

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